Where can we play?

Basically you can play anywhere in a forest type of area, if you have the land owner’s permission. Make sure that you have a permission to use the area for paintball games, and that the area is marked so that outsiders will not accidently wander there.

Sissos offers its rental equipment customers an area for playing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Please note that there might be other groups playing at the same time on the same area, who need to be taken into account as well. You can ask Sissos staff for more information about the area and driving instructions when you’re picking up the equipment.

Also make sure that outsiders do not get hurt, if they for some reason do appear on the paintball area. At summer time, there might be lots of people in the woods gathering berries, picking up mushrooms etc.

Paintballs decompose in nature. Paintballs that have remained intact may be preserved in nature for several weeks, but usually almost all of the balls will disappear into the nature after the first rain.


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