Organizing a paintball event

Organizing a paintball event couldn’t get much easier! Just book a suitable time via phone service (010-3877881) or online at our website using a booking form. After that, all you need to do is to invite your co-workers, staff or friends to play some paintball.

Checklist for organizing an event:

- Call us or send a request using the booking form at our web site.

- Find out how many people are coming and let us know the confirmed number as soon as possible.

- Pay the retainer by the agreed due date. By paying the retainer, you will make sure that the agreed time is booked exactly for your group. If you are a corporate customer, please agree in advance on the billing with Sissos.

- Book sauna or conference facilities for your group to use. There are no sauna or conference facilities at Sissos Arena, but we can recommend such places or reserve our co-operation partners’ sauna for you.

- Book transportation to Sissos Arena (directions). The area has a parking lot for about 40 cars.

- If you wish to eat either at Arena or at the sauna location, please book catering well in advance. Remember to take into account possible special diets and/or allergies when making the food order.

- For the game you will need suitable shoes for walking in the forest. Sissos Arena will provide you with any other equipment needed for the game (the Economy package does not include overalls). We recommend you wear something like a light track suit or equivalent underneath the overalls.

- Be there on time.

- Using alcohol is not forbidden, but we recommend you enjoy possible alcoholic drinks after the actual game. Our game leaders have the right to disqualify a player if he/she seems unable to follow our security instructions.


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