Call our store (010 - 38 77 880) and check the availability of the equipment for the particular date you have in mind. During season, the demand may outreach the amount of equipment we have, so you should make the reservation well in advance: 2–6 weeks before the scheduled game.

When booking, we will charge a € 10 retainer/ package. After you have paid the retainer, the equipment is reserved specifically for you and for the time you wanted. We will refund the paid retainer in the final bill when you pick up the gear (if you paid by credit transfer, take the receipt with you). We will accept about 10 % smaller equipment rental at pick-up, in which case we will return the retainer in its entirety. If your rental is over 10 % smaller than the reserved amount, we will not return the retainer for the reserved but eventually unrented equipment. The retainer will not be returned if the reservation is cancelled later than 4 weeks before the scheduled rental time.

If the reservation is done later than 7 days before the scheduled rental time, the rent must be paid in advance and in its entirety at our store.

Information related to renting equipment

  • game advice
  • rental terms in their entirety
  • how to clean the rented markers
  • possible problems with the paintball markers and how to fix them
  • where can you play
  • picking up the equipment

Advantages of ordering in advance!

Book and pay your rent well in advance and you will receive great benefits. Book and pay the entire rental at least a month before the scheduled renting and you will receive a free set of 100 paintballs per person in addition to the paintballs you already bought!


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