Paintball rental

We rent paintball equipment at Helsinki. Also our affiliated company at Rauma offers rental equipment.
We rent Tippmann 98 custom half automatic markers. The markers are very reliable and easy to use. Masks that we use are V-Force Shield Field or V-Force Armour masks, which also can be worn by a person with glasses.

As a propellant we only use compressed air. Compressed air functions a lot better that CO2, especially in cold weather conditions. Cleaning stick and no-fog spray are also included in the rental.

Rentals of over 8 packages also always include following items: a spare marker, a spare bottle for possible error situations, a cleaning stick, no-fog spray, arm bands for marking the players, 2 flags, a garbage bag, a hand towel for cleaning the shots and kitchen paper for wiping the masks. All the equipment is pertinently in boxes and bags specially designed for transporting the equipment.

A couple of hours of paintball usually requires about 300–500 balls per person. We will offer you extra propellant free of charge according to the amount of balls bought. You can compare the different paintballs at our online store. For rental games, we recommend mid priced basic paintballs that cost about 50–60 Euros per box (2000pcs).


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