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Sissos maintains sold products if needed. We charge by hour (€ 61 /h), spare parts are charged separately. Checking the product costs € 15 at minimum (this will be charged if there is no such product defect that is under warranty/ guaranty). We will change a new Duracell battery in all the electronic markers we have maintained (low battery charge is the cause of marker malfunction in over 50% of the cases).

If you’re about to send products to Sissos either for guarantee repair or normal maintenance or as a customer return, please fill out a form, print it and attach it to the delivery. We do not handle deliveries that do not include the form indicating whether it is a guarantee repair, normal repair or a customer return.

You can collect the maintained product(s) from our store, or you can choose a carrier (Posti, DHL, DPD). Delivery costs are paid by the customer. Guarantee repairs are returned using a carrier we consider suitable.
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