Our line of business includes importation, exportation, wholesale and retail sale as well as equipment rental services. In Finland, Sissos represents almost all the main paintball equipment brands. We have exported goods since 1998. We export regularly to e.g. Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Austria and also occasionally to other countries. By 2010, we have delivered paintball equipment to 21 countries.

Main representations (01/2010)

Procaps (Draxxus, V-Force, DXS), Tippmann, Dye, Proto, Bauer, KEE (Diablo, PMI, HALO, RPS, Evil, Empire, Invert, 32Degree, Pure Energy, Extreme Rage), Custom Products, Reball, Smart Parts, Eclipse, Sup’air, NXe, Guerrilla Air (Myth), VolcAno, GXG ja Exalt.


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