The items are delivered the way we consider suitable. We take into account the price, weight and outside measures of the delivery. We also try to make sure that the items will remain intact all the way. If you wish us to use a certain delivery choice, please let us know about it when you are making the order (in ‘additional information’). As a carrier, we use DPD, DHL, Itella (Post)  among others. In special cases we also use other suppliers.

Handling charge (postage and packing):
CODs (cash/collect on delivery) will be delivered via Posti, and there will be a € 4 COD extra on the price. 

  P16 Itella Economy P14 Itella Express Business Day
P14 Itella Express Business Day Multipackage 2-10 packages
P21 Itella Flex P21 Itella Flex Multipackage 2-10 packages
Weight Price €
Letter  4,00 €  - - - -
2 kg  8,50 €  10,80 € -  12,00 € -
5 kg  9,60 €  11,50 €  -  13,30 €  -
10 kg  10,60 €  12,60 €  15,90 €  14,30 €  18,90 €
15 kg  11,60 €  13,60 €  -  15,40 €  -
20 kg  12,60 €  14,70 €  18,10 €  16,40 €  21,05 €
30 kg  14,50 €  16,80 €  20,20 €  18,40€  23,10 €
40 kg  -  -  23,00 €  -  25,20 €
60 kg  -  -  27,00 €  -  29,30 €
80 kg  -  -  31,00 €  -  33,45 €
100 kg  -  -  36,00 €  -  37,60 €
Monipaketti lisäkilot
per 20kg
(max. 300kg)
 -  -  4,40 €  -  4,40 €
(max. 250kg)
     alk. 54,50 €    
(max. 450kg)
     alk. 54,50 €    
(max. 999kg)
     alk. 84,50€    

Itella / Post 14 / Package to the doorstep/ Multiple package: Posti will carry the package to your door usually by 14.00 on the day after the mailing. If the receiver is not present, the package can be collected from the local post office. COD is possible.

Large deliveries can be delivered by post as a multiple package, so that an individual package does not become too large or heavy. Max. 10 packages/ delivery.

DHL: Courier will deliver the package directly to the given address. Delivery mainly on the next weekday (larger localities) or 1-2 days after mailing (smaller localities). Only deliveries paid by bill, no COD possibility.

ITELLA / POST Pallet deliveries: Rolltainer max. 250 kg, measurements according to rolltainer’s size. Block pallet size 0,8 x 0,6 m, max. 450 kg. EUR-pallet 0,8 x 1 m. max. 999 kg. FIN-pallet 1,2 x 1 m max. 999 kg. All pallets have the maximum height of 1,9 m. Prices are minimum prices. Prices are determined according to postal code. Rolltainer and pallet transportation prices vary between € 54,50 - 229,30  / pallet or rolltainer.

Time of delivery: With stock products the normal delivery time is 2-5 weekdays.
Terms of payment: For new customers, we supply the products as COD (the products are paid in the post office while they are being picked up or when the post delivers them, you can use cash or payment card). Old customers receive a bill as agreed. When you ask to pay by bill, Sissos has the permission to check your credit rating.

Methods of payment in our stores (Helsinki): Cash, payment card, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, Aktiiviraha, Maestro and Käyttöluotto.

Guarantee: Products have a six month guarantee. The guarantee covers flaws that are consequences of material or manufacturing mistakes. Guarantee does not cover parts that are subject to wear, such as seals, screws, burst discs, lenses etc. Guarantee also does not cover leaks in the pressurized bits, nor does it cover flaws that are consequences of poor maintenance or insufficient cleaning of the product. Guarantee does not cover the opening of jammed, rusted screws.

If you are concerned about the guarantee, please contact the importer by e-mail or phone. You will receive a customer return number for the post, which allows you to send the product to maintenance without having to pay postage.

Prices: Prices are valid for the time being. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. Increase in e.g. fuel prices may cause unexpected changes in prices. All prices include VAT of 23 %.


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