How can I start a paintball business?

Welcome to the colorful world of paintball!

Paintball is a strongly growing hobby and sport. It is also great business, and although there already are several entrepreneurs with small paintball businesses all over Finland, there is plenty of room for new ones as well. You can get started and earn yourself a bit of extra income by renting paintball equipment and by organizing games, without having to invest a lot of money.
Sissos is the leading seller of paintball markers in North Europe. We are purely a sales business, which means that we do not manufacture any products ourselves, but we do represent some of the world’s leading paintball-brands. Exclusively in North-Europe, we represent several leading brands such as Procaps, V-force, Sup Air and others.

We also represent the world’s most popular rental marker manufacturer, Tippman, and are the only authorized Tippmann Distribution Center in North Europe. Our central paintball warehouse is in Helsinki, but we also have stores in Riga and Helsingborg. Here in Sissos, we want to offer you an easy way to get into paintball business. We have assembled a few starter sets to help you start your business. The prices for the sets vary between € 1365 and € 6400 (including VAT 23 %). In future, we will offer you paintballs from our large selection and also equipment for a reasonable wholesale price.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us: our phone service will help you. If you are visiting Helsinki area, please come and visit us and our place of business at Jätkäsaari. We will offer free training for our partners in cooperation and teach all the necessary things about maintaining and cleaning paintball markers. If you’re coming to visit us not just for picking up products, we wish that you would schedule an appointment beforehand, since especially on Fridays our store and warehouse can be very crowded.

We also offer extra markers and overalls according to your needs for events that have several hundreds of attendees.
Please contact us and we will give you more information and send you our brochures.

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