Who are we?

Our branch includes extensive paintball marker business: importation, exportation, internal sale, renting and marketing. We operate in Finland, the Nordic countries and Baltic countries. Our business also includes retail sale of firearms and field sports equipment, and budo and hiking equipment in Rauma.
  • Sissos-yhtiöt (Sissos-companies) is based on a family business in Rauma and date back to 1995. We started our business by importing paintball markers in Rauma in 1995.
  • The first store was opened at Rauma bus station in 1997.
  • In 1998 we bought Rauman Aseaitta branch and began selling firearms. Aseaitta and Sissos were moved under the same roof and to larger premises to Teollisuuskatu. At our Rauma outlet, we only sell firearms subject to license.
  • As the business in Rauma grew, we moved to even larger premises during summer 2002. Our current 300 m² premises are situated at Papinhaka business area, where several other specialized businesses are also located.
  • January 1st, 2003 we bought Rauman Pyyntiväline and expanded our own business to selling fishing equipment. At the same time, we also expanded our store about a hundred square meters.
  • We opened a store at Espoo in 2002. During 2003, we moved to larger premises as the business grew larger. Early 2005 we moved again, this time to even larger premises to Myllypuro, Helsinki, which is also our current address. In 2008, we doubled the size of our store and warehouse.
  • At the end of 2007, we decided to differentiate our still growing business into more distinct entities. The fishing and hunting business (field sports) was separated as an individual business titled Sissos-myymälä Oy, and our paintball business (marketing) in Finland and in Europe was from now on handled by Sissos-tuote Oy.
Sissos-yhtiöt is a constantly growing, well-established organization of specialized stores, where we invest in solid know-how and good service.

In marketing, the name we use is short and sweet: Sissos.

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